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Lifitng Clamps - Vertical - Horizontal

A variety of plate, rail, and beam lifting clamps are available for supply and subsequent repair from the Camlok Crosby IP and Reily Clamp range to our very own Goliath Lifting Clamps.

Camlok, Reily and Goliath lifting clamps are on demonstration in The Lifting Tackle Store for you to try before you buy. Lifting Gear Products can also refurbish your lifting clamps.

camlok clamp logo camlok clamp cz92
Universal Clamps Type CZ92
Model WLL Tonnes PLate (mm) Weight (kg)
CZ920.5 0.5 0-16 1.4
CZ921.5 1.5 0-20 3
CZ922 2 0-32 8
CZ923 3 0-32 10
CZ924 4 0-32 12
CZ924/L 4 30-60 18
CZ926 6 0-50 21
CZ926/L 6 50-100 28
Hevay Duty Horizontal Plate Clamps Type CH & HH camlok plate clamp
Model WLL Tonnes Plate (mm) Weight (kg)
CH1 1 5-32 8
CH2 2 5-32 11
CH2/L 2 20-50 12
CH4 4 5-50 17
CH4/L 4 50-100 23
CH6 6 5-75 46
CH6/L 6 50-125 56
HG0500 Clamp camlok hgo500 clamp
Model WLL Tonnes Plate (mm) Weight (kg)
HG 0.5 0.5 0-10 5
HG1 1 0-16 12
HG2 2 0-20 22
HG3 3 0-20 27
HG4 4 0-20 32

riley lifting clamp

The Riley girder clamps are truly versatile in application and may be used for lifting, pulling, or as an anchor point. They are designed specifically to provide maximum jaw grip adjustment.

These products are engineered for practical use where mobility is essential. The clamps are speedily applied and do not require additional tools or width adjusting components, such as spacing washers. The left and right-hand threaded adjusting bar ensures a secure grip on the beam flange.

riley superclamp
  goliath lifting clamp

Universal Twincam - Positive Lifting Clamps

This design enables plates. etc.. to be lifted from the horizontal or vertical postion. Double cam action ensures automatic gripping of the plate. Hardened steel jaws give positive grip.

Size 1t 2t 3t
Range A 0.25mm 13-38mm 19-51mm
Range B 25-51mm 38-64mm 32-64mm
Size 5t 7 1/2 t 10t
Range A 38-77mm 44-83mm 51-102mm
Range B 51-89mm 64-102mm 77-128mm

Rail Clips

This unit provides a valuable aid in lifting and handling a wide variety of rail sections safely and quickly.

It is strong and robust yet weighs only 10 kg. The design is such that the rail is positively gripped under all circumstances, it being impossible for the jaws to open accidently. Extremely easy to handle, it can be attached and disengaged from the rail instantly.
STANDARD UNIT - WLL 2t (2000kg) at a factor of safety of 5:1

goliath rail lifting clamp
Horizontal Lifting Clamps

These clamps are used in pairs in conjunction with a double leg chain sling, for lifting plates in the horizontal position. They are of robust construction and each clamp has a wide spread that assists in the balancing of large plates. The pads are of hardened steel for long life. The safe working load is based on a factor of safety of 5:1
goliath horizontal lifting clamp
WLL per pair To lift plates   
1 t (1000kg) 3-38mm  
2 t (2000kg) 6-51mm  
3t (3000kg) 12-64mm  
5t (5000kg) 25-89mm  
10t (10000kg) 51-154mm  
Full Clamp Repair Services Available

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