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Hand Chain Hoists / Blocks - Kito - Yale - Morris - Tractel - Tiger

Kito Hand Chain Hoists / Blocks are the lightest, toughest and most reliable chain hoists available. CB Chain hoists are built using premium-grade components for long life in the toughest industrial and contracting environments. If you are tired with the performance of your hand chain hoist then it is time to switch to Kito.

click here to download the PDF data sheet for Kito Chain Hoists

The Kito CB are on demonstration in The Lifting Tackle Store for you to see and feel the difference in quality from budget hoists .

Kito CB SHB TSP hoists











yalelift 360 chain hoist

Model WLL

Available with the following options:

kito chain blockPlain push travel trolley

Hand geared trolley

Overload protector

Canvas chain bucket

Corrosion resistant chain

Trolley for curved beams

Spark Resistant hoists (EX hoists)

100 tonne capacity available

CB005 500kg
CB010 1000kg
CB015 1500kg


CB025 2500kg
CB030 3000kg
CB050 5000kg
CB075 7500kg
CB100 10000kg
CB150 15000kg
CB200 20000kg
CB300 30000kg
CB400 40000kg
CB500 50000kg

Morris 190/191 chain block
The Morris hoist is no longer in production, we can, however, repair and supply spare parts for all Morris 190 and 191 series hand chain hoists.

Click here to download the PDF data sheet for Morris Chain Blocks

Capacity - safe working load 500kg 1t 2t 3t 5t 8t
Number of falls of chain 1 1 1 3 2 3


chain hoist trolleyMorris 164 Trolley - no longer in production

Click here to download the PDF data sheet for Morris Trolleys

The Yale 360's revolutionary chain guide allows the operator to work from virtually any position, in confined spaces or above the load.

yale 360 chain hoist, yale vs hoist

The Yalelift 360 can also be operated from the side of the load which also makes it posssible to use the hoist for horizontal pulling or tensioning.

Due to the additionaly flexibility, the operator is no longer forced to work in the danger zone near the load. The Yale 360 is available in 500KG to 20000KG. Lifting Gear Products can supply and repair a wide range of Yale Products in our Lifting Appliance Repair Centre.

Click here to download the PDF data sheet for Yale Chain Hoists


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