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Lifting Beam, Spreader Beams, Modulift Beams, Lifting Hooks,
Lifting Equipment Design & Manufacture

Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Lifting Grabs, Engineering Specials Design and Manufacture of Lifting Equipment

Lifting Gear Products have over 50 years of experience in the design & manufacture of high quality lifting equipment. Lifting Beams/Spreader Beams, Modular Lifting Beams, Jib Cranes, Gantrys, Lifting Davits, A-Frames, Runway Beams, Lifting Grabs, Electro Magnets and lots more can be designed and fabricated to your specification. We also distribute the full range of Modulift spreader beams.

From assessment through to design, manufacture and testing, our expertise in bespoke lifting equipment ensures a successful lift.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams

Designed to clients specification, lifting beams and spreader beams are fabricated, load tested and shipped anywhere in the world.

Modulift beams also available, call for further details.

Designs from 50kg to 200 tonnes and upwards.

lifting spreader beam

Gantrys / A-Frames

Designed to your requirements, either fixed or mobile.

gantry crane
Overhead traveling cranes
Lightweight crane systems
overhead crane

Jib Cranes

Designed and built to order, fitted with either powered/manual slew and extras such as lifting magnets and vacuum handling devices.

Overbraced post jib cranes
Underbraced post jib cranes

Overbraced Wall mounted jib crane
Underbraced wall mounted jib crane

360 degree post jib crane


Lifting Davits & Water Industry Projects

Used throughout the water utility industry, free standing davits and wall mounted davits are designed and manufactured to your requirements.

Sluice Gates and Penstocks can also be designed and manufactured.

We also supply stainless steel pump lifting chain and accessories.

freestanding davit

Magnetic Lifting

Custom designed electro-permanent lifting magnets available in a variety of styles to suit your application. Please contact us or visit are dedicated website for further details.



Beams, hooks, pulleys , frames, cranes, hoists.

forged crane hook


Lifting Gear Products can design, manufacture and test a wide variety of fabricated products. Other works include:

Structural Steelwork
Skid Frames
DNV standard fabrications

General Fabrication

Please contact our engineering department to see how we can help you.


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