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Lifting Magnets - Magnetic Lifting Equipment

Magnetic lifting equipment, battery powered lifting magnets, electro-lifting magnets and electro-permanent lifting magnets.

In conjunction with our partners Lifting Gear Products can design and manufacture bespoke magnetic lifting solutions to suit your needs whilst providing off-the-shelf magnets for more simple applications. A repair and recalibration service is also available so please contact our sales team who will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Permanent Magnets

eclipse magnets

battery, permanent lifting magnets from eclipse

With 5 sizes available, the Ultralift Plus lifting magnet is suitable for lifting a wide range of loads in the factory or workshop. It's capable of lifting both round and flat section loads.

The Ultralift Plus uses high power neodymium 'rare earth' magnet material for the highest power to weight ratio. The material is permanently magnetic, and switching the Ultralift Plus on and off is manual, so no power is required and it has no operating costs. You can use it almost anywhere - just hook it to your hoist or crane.

 With a lifting magnet a load can be hoisted safely by just one man. And you'll have no more worries about the stability of a load once it's lifted (especially when it's been pre-tested to ensure a 3:1 safety factor with the 'Safety Shim'). Storage of handling of loads can be more efficient as you only need access to a load's top face.

3 safety features for ultra-safe lifting

1. 'Safety Shim' (patented)

For pre-testing any load. Place the 'Safety Shim' on the load with the Ultralift Plus on top. Activate the Ultralift Plus and attempt to lift the load a very short distance. If the Ultralift Plus holds the load with the 'Safety Shim' then a 3:1 safety factor is guaranteed without it. The ability to pre-test any load could be especially useful if you lift loads of differing sizes, materials and surface finishes.

2. Safety catch

When the Ultralift Plus is 'on' the operating handle is held by a safety catch to prevent accidental switching. The safety switch is release by pressing a button on the end of the operating handle.

3. Lifting eye mechanism (patented)

Patented mechanism prevents any switching, accidental or otherwise, of the Ultralift Plus while it is holding a load.

Product Diametre Max (mm) Length Max (round mm) SWL (flat section) SWL (round section) Weight (kg)
ul0125+ 200 1500 125 50 4
ul0250+ 300 1500 250 100 11
ul0500+ 400 2000 500 200 27
ul1000+ 450 3000 1000 400 63
ul2000+ 600 3000 2000 800 157

Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnets

Electro-Lifting Magnets

electro permanent lifting magnet copyright lifting gear products 2008


Permanent electro magnets are suitable for any lifting application where ferrous loads are handled, from manufacturing to stockholding.

electro permanent lifting magnet Copyright Lifting Gear Products 2008 electro permanent lifting magnet slewing copyright lifting gear products 2008

A Permanent electro system is intrinsically safe as the magnet is not affected by electrical power failure. No battery back up is required so the full WLL of any crane can be utilised. The high energy coming from the permanent magnets keeps the load safely in place with a constant force that cannot be affected by fluctuations in power supplies.

Electro permanent technology is a great leap ahead of the traditional electro magnet lifters, in performance the permanent magnets are a cold system due to the absence of heat generation inside the magnets thus the electrical coils are not affected over time and will not fail resulting in a very expensive repair.

In energy saving terms, the permanent magnets only use the electrical supply to power ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ so this gives you a saving of 95% in comparison to older systems. For further information on how and electro permanent magnets can increase your efficiency please contact us.

Bux Battery Powered Lifting Magnets

bux battery powered lifting magnet

Hand or remote controlled battery operated magnets can hold flat or round ferrous material and be carried and released far quicker than manual or mechanical methods.
Bux Powered by build-in 12V battery for at least 8 hours of operation

Hand-held, IR remote control unit allows to operate the lifting magnet from up to 4.5 meter
Controller/battery enclosure with detachable front and back panel
Easy access to controller and battery for installation and inspection
Additional Lift and Release push buttons on front panel
Led display shows battery charge level when magnet is "ON"
Built-in, temperature compensated, automatic cut-off charger
Pocket to store remote and mains power cord
Clip on remote allows operator to attach to belt or pocket

BM series for flat material Models BM1350, BM2500 and BM5000
These models are designed to lift heavy, thick plates and blocks. The maximum lift capacity is obtained on material thicknesses of 50 mm and above and on relatively flat, machined surfaces.
Model BM5000 has two independently suspended "2500" magnets to lift large objects

Model BM3600
This model is specially designed for plate lifting from 3 mm thickness and up. Provided a smooth and flat surface, this magnet will lift a plate of 2400x1800 mm of 3 mm thick and even 6x3 metres when 25 mm thick! The "tip-off" feature allows to drop excess plates in case multiple plates are picked up from a stack.

BMP series for both flat and round material
Models BMP1800 and BMP3600
These so-called bi-polar lifting magnets with V-shaped pole shoes are designed to lift both flat and round material as well as I- and H-beams, angles, channels, Tees and Zees. The maximum lift capacity is obtained on material thickness of 50 mm and above. Thanks to the good depth of field, these models cope very well with irregular surfaces.

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